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 A newcomer to Hawaiʻiʻs music scene, Keahi is a powerhouse vocalist known for her dynamic range, multifarious music taste, and stylistic interpretations of her favorite songs. She is a   singer known for performing various genres as she enraptures the audience with her mighty and energetic vocal range complemented by her tasteful choice in melodies. This takes spectators on a journey of enjoying soulful melody to striking powerful emotions through song. After the global pandemic in 2019, she made the decision to pursue her uncharted dream of music. Her goal began as a vision to inspire others with her passion for creating music that sparks emotion and enables people to stop and savor the ambiance they feel through the way she hones emotion and passion in her vocal stylings. Keahi struck the music industry on Oʻahu as an unanticipated vocalist coming from the Big Island of Hawaiʻi performing at different venues in Honolulu that sparked her career. Her tenacity for performing and her energetic presence lead her to opportunities such as being named one of Hawaii’s Emerging Artist by Haku Collective in 2021, performing at the Blue Note, weekly full-band shows on the Workplay Artist stage, being featured on Mana Up Hawaii’s Virtual Showcase, and opening for Anuhea’s Aloha Always Foundation concert; all within a two-year span of rooting herself in Hawaii’s live-music scene.

About Keahi


"Keahi Delovio was raised on the “Big Island” of Hawai’i and graduated from Kealakehe High School. She grew up surfing, skating and singing with her 6 other siblings.

 She went off to college first at UH Hilo and transferred to UH Manoa. After graduating with a degree in Communications, Keahi stumbled upon singing through her friends, who introduced her to other musicians. She quickly fell in love with the passion and the connection that musicians in Hawaii share. She began singing at different locations on O’ahu and it has become a lifestyle ever since. Her goal is to make inspiring music for others with her style of singing, and evoke emotion in others to really feel.

 "Keahi Maikeakua" means "The fire from God" . "I carry my name with so much gratitude. Names carry so much power and I believe it is why I am determined, ambitious and energetic. One quote Iv'e always held close to me is 'you don't dim your own flame by igniting someone else's'.  I hope to be a fire in peoples lives through music. A spark that brings emotion and lights flames in other to encourage people in whatever they are going for.

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